10 Ways to Improve Your Health Inside Your Home

I just finished reading the book Clean, Green & Lean by Dr. Walter Crinnion.  The book was recommended by Neil Rampe of the Arizona Diamondbacks, so no need to tell you that I was looking forward to reading it.  As expected, the book touches on how to improve your nutrition for a healthier living.  it wasn’t exactly was I was expecting though.  The book was approached from a different perspective; the one of toxins.  I honestly knew very little about toxins and their relation to food.  But what I found I knew even less about was the toxins that surround us that are directly affecting our health.

Toxins are basically substances that aren’t meant to be in our body and directly affect our health by suppressing our immune system, intoxicating our brain and our nervous system, as well as all of our organs.  Too great of a toxic load can affect us in different ways and cause symptoms like headaches, excessive fatigue, depression, mood swings, difficulty breathing, and a ton of other health problems.  If we let our toxic load accumulate, it can lead to diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, some types of cancer, and other serious disease.

There are obviously different ways to improve our life quality by having healthy eating habits, and exercising regularly.  But some of the things we don’t think about are the toxins we breathe in and the ones that get in contact with our skin that can be just as bad for our overall health.  In order to improve our health we also need to address these inside our home.

Here are 10 ways to make your home a healthier place to live.

1. Get rid of all the air fresheners in your house.  This includes the plug-ins, aerosol sprays, and candles.  These all contain chemicals that affect your respiratory system, and your nervous system.

2. Limit the use of plastic.  The most important should be to never microwave food in plastic.  This has proven to release some of the plastic from the container into your food, so you’re eating plastic.  This is highly toxic, and has been associated with some types of cancer.  Also avoid plastic wraps (like Saran wrap) which is highly toxic.  If you drink out of plastic bottles, make sure they’re BPA-free, and throw them out, or any containers for that matter, that are getting a little too scratched as this releases plastic particles in your drink or food.

3. Use water filters.  Make sure you have a good carbon filter for the water you drink, but you should also install a chlorine filter on your showerhead, as tap water is usually treated with chlorine which is toxic to your body.  Even if you don’t drink that water when you shower, remember that you pores can still soak in the chlorine.

4. Use laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets with no fragrance.  Dryer sheets are one of the most toxic products around the house.

5. Buy non-solvent cleaning products.  Cleaning products are highly toxic because of the number of chemicals they contain.  They can easily affect your respiratory system, and brain functions and lead to serious illness.  Making your own is always the simplest of cheapest solution.  Vinegar mixed in with lemon juice and water seems to work just as well.

6. Take your shoes off when you first get in the house.  You shoes accumulate all sorts of dirt and pesticides when you walk around outside.  The last thing you want is to spread those around in your house.  Taking your shoes off is a fairly easy way to make your house cleaner in general.

7. This one might be hard to swallow for a lot of people, and a big move to make no doubt….get rid of wall-to-wall carpet.  These contain highly toxic glue, solvents, on top of holding on to dust more than anything else in your house.  The glue and solvent used to carpet stay in the air for years, and years and are highly toxic for your brain and nervous system.

8. Get rid of Teflon non-stick pans.  As they get old, they release Teflon particles in your food, and Teflon is a highly toxic metal.  Instead use ceramic and porcelain enameled cast iron pans.

9. Use personal products (soap, shampoo, lotion, makeup) free of synthetic fragrances.  Your skin absorbs a lot of what you put on it, so any product that contains fragrances (read: toxins and chemicals).

10. Change your air filters in your furnace and central air system as often as possible (every month or so).  That way you make sure the air you breathe is as fresh as possible.

There are many more ways to make your lifestyle healthier, other than just eating healthy and exercising regularly.  That was one of the big take home from the book for me.  If you want to learn more about the subject I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of Clean, Green & Lean.

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